Interview - Dr Priti Nanda Sibal, CEO, Medi Skool & Medical Director, AB Hospitals, New Delhi

“If technology adds cost to patient, doesn’t give many benefits then it becomes a challenge but if it’s cost-effective and benefiting the patient then it’s an opportunity. Technology makes things simple and swift in healthcare. Patients can get all details of any medical test on the hospital’s website. Patients get to know everything well in advance, what are dos and don’ts before going for any medical test"

Diabetics need to be extra careful in these times of corona. DIABETES IS REVERSIBLE IF DIAGNOSED EARLY. Lifestyle changes are more effective than medicines for type2 diabetes.

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This is Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal. I practice functional medicine in gurugram and today I am starting a series on type 1 diabetes. A very common question which parents come to me with this.

I don't know what we have done that my child has got type 1 diabetes.....